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Naruto Minis

Itachi Uchiha Miniature Figurine

Itachi Uchiha Miniature Figurine

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The story of Naruto Uzumaki has exploded into one of the most popular manga/anime series in history! These cute, adorably sized figurines depict our favorite ninjas. Perfect to gift, showcase in your home or on the dash of your car! 

Itachi Uchiha, a shinobi of unquestionable skill and power, was known to have been a master of the Sharingan — a gift that led him down the path of darkness. Once it had awakened within him, Itachi's dream of becoming Hokage was all but lost, replaced by an insatiable thirst to prove himself and the evil inclinations that would lead him down an immortal path.

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Specification: 7cm PVC figurine

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