In-Store Repairs

Our locations situated in Liverpool Westfield are equipped with the right tools, knowledgeable team members and experienced technicians to meet all of your repair needs in-house, on the same day! We also have a service center available to evaluate devices and provide any extra services needed.

At The Phone Project, we pride in assisting you if your device may be experiencing any of the following:

  • Damaged screen/display or no touch?
  • Draining battery or no signs of power?
  • Accidental drop in the toilet or liquid damaged?
  • Missing data or deleted from the device but need it recovered?
  • Not charging or only charging on a certain angle?
  • Can’t hear your ringtone or when someone’s speaking on the phone? Or maybe, they can’t hear you?
  • Struggling to connect to wi-fi or use your Bluetooth connectivity?

These are just some common enquiries we receive everyday and if this is something happening to you, we’ll love to help you.

We can also definitely assist you with a more in-depth enquiry if needed, just give us a call or visit us in store!

Corporate Repairs

We can efficiently handle businesses of all sizes and will meet any repair needs that your company might have. Whether it’s software or hardware related, we’re here to help for all models. We are confident that our services will not only reduce your costs, but also improve the efficiency and productivity of your team.  

Professional and experienced at what we do, we can fix all types of problems on your devices. Leave your mobile, tablet, laptop troubles to the pros

Enquire with us below so we can start working together!

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Repairs faq

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my repair include?

Our repair quotes are quoted accordingly depending on the part and device model. These quotes include both the replacement part(s) and the cost of labour.

What devices can you repair?

Our technicians specialise in repairing all mobile and tablet models. We work on many different brands including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Oppo, Google, Lenovo, HP, Acer and many more.

We can also take a look at your gaming console, desktop or laptop if they require repairing.

What if my device requires additional repair?

Upon inspection, if your device has secondary issues and requires additional repairs in order to complete the job; we will contact you with more information regarding the repair with a new quote estimate. We will inform you of these additional repairs and provide you with honest information and guidance for a solution to your damaged/faulty device.

We will not go ahead with any additional repairs until we receive confirmation from you about the additional repair and new quote.

Does my repair come with warranty?

Yes! All repairs are covered with a 3 month manufacturer’s warranty unless stated otherwise.

Warranty does not cover physical damage caused by negligence, misuse, abuse or natural disaster. The warranty also excludes water or liquid damage. Warranty will be voided if there is an obvious attempt of repair by a third party excluding our store and its affiliates; or any modifications to the device by a third party.

How do I claim my warranty?

All warranties must be physically assessed by our trained technicians and will only be deemed to be covered by our warranty policy after assessment. For any information relating to a warranty claim, please email with your full name, contact number, receipt and any photos or videos to support your claim.

Our customer service representatives will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your warranty claim and options.

Why do you ask for my passcode?

We take privacy very seriously and will generally only have one technician dedicated to your device repair. For quality and testing purposes, you may be asked to disclose your phone password for testing of this part only. However, we do understand that you may not want to disclose this information, this, in turn, may cause a delay in the repair process as testing will not proceed.

Should you request your device to be left untested post repairing, warranty may be voided in most situations. Please feel free to talk to our team about any privacy concerns prior to booking your device for repair.

Will I lose any data?

During hardware repairs, we do not wipe the data on your device.

Sometimes during a software repair, data may be loss but you will be informed about any data loss before we proceed with the repair.

We do encourage to always back up your device prior to sending it in for repairs.

What if you don't carry the part I need?

Our repair centre and our stores carry a large variety of device parts, however, in rare scenarios where a part is out of stock or only available at our warehouse then an order can be placed to ship the part over.

Where a part is not available at our store, an order will only be placed upon a partial non-refundable payment for this order and an approximate ETA will be quoted. There is no need to leave your device with us, we will ring you to drop in to complete the repair at your convenience!